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The Human  Rights  Observers Network is guided by the following core principles:

  • Human rights are interdependent and universal
  • Human rights include civil, political, economic, social, and cultural rights
  • Human rights are protected through building social movements
  • Human rights movements must ensure leadership by those directly affected
  • Human rights advocacy must always respect the diversity within communities
  • Human rights organizations must be financially responsible and accountable

The goals of the Human  Rights  Observers Network are four-fold:

  • To increase the visibility for the HRO movement
  • To build the capacity of HRO groups to carry out their work
  • To strengthen links between HRO activists and movements across issues and sectors of work
  • To link HRO activists with the global human rights movement
  • To meet these goals the Network will establish itself as a coordinating center for organizations developing pro-active human rights alternatives to existing policies, structures, and strategies.

As a coordinating center, the Network will:

  • Support collaborative efforts by human rights groups
  • Develop and disseminate tangible models for the practical application of the human rights framework domestically
  • Promote capacity building and information sharing among member organizations.
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