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Action Teams

Working Groups/Action Teams

The main purpose of our Human  Rights  Observers Working Groups is to provide opportunities for members to initiate their own action teams around human rights topics that interest them so that members are encouraged to learn from one another, collaborate and take action.

These committees must:

  • Be in line with HRO’s mission and goals
  • Be initiated by at least three organizations (and/or a core team of interested individual activists)
  • Be led by members
  • Encourage collaboration

These working groups can be started by completing a request to the Membership Coordinator. Each working group would provide an annual update and reapply so that The Network can keep on top of the working group’s progress.

They could request the following type of assistance from HRO’s central office:

  • Access to general list serve
  • Posting events and products on website
  • Space to add a blurb in the biweekly newsletter
  • Help calling a first meeting (but members would have to take the lead for additional sessions)

Working Groups:

The Faith and Human Rights Working Group is made up of concerned with religious traditions inspiring social justice. The group will utilize the faith traditions of members in further developing the human rights model to direct social justice issues.

Workers Uniting for Human Rights and Worker Empowerment: is made up of Public and private sector unions, worker organizations and worker centers. The purpose of the group is to discuss possible coordinated campaigns, to analyze developments in the global economy that reflect worker demands, alignments and solidarity that Indian. workers should engage in; and to have a focus on reaching out to and organizing workers of color leadership and building greater worker consciousness about the importance of building power at the work place.