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A message from HRO chairman Tameem- Raise your voice against Air Pollution

June 05 2014, – Speaking on this occasion of United Nations world environment day at Hyderabad press club Mr. Tameem Chairman of Human Rights Observers said in urban areas 70% pollution is caused by increasing number of vehicles. He disclosed that a survey conducted by HRO revealed that in India over 7.27 lakh persons die due to diseases caused by air pollution. Air pollution is the world’s largest single environmental health hazard. By reducing air pollution millions of lives could be saved world over, he said. Human Rights Observers has focused on how to improve the quality of air and effluent & solid waste management in Industries and Hospitals. HRO has initiated several workshops to fight the air pollution in Hyderabad.

A message from HRO chairman Tameem- Raise your voice on Air Pollution 1   A message from HRO chairman Tameem- Raise your voice on Air Pollution

Sri M. Jagdeeshwar IAS Transport commissioner of Telangana has said that the major cause of the Air pollution in the urban areas is the increasing number of vehicle and due to which the citizen particularly the aged and the children are becoming victims of various diseases. He said that there are 74 lakhs vehicles in Telangana state out of which 54 lakhs are two wheelers. He advised the vehicle owners to pay attention on regular maintenance of their vehicles. He said that the people’s awareness program should be launched from the NGOs against the Air pollution.

Justice A. Lakshman Rao former chief Justice lamented on increasing pollution and said that due to this menace the people have to suffer fatal diseases like Diabetis, BP and heart diseases etc even in small age of 40. No item of human consumption is free from pollution.


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